The best way to explore the Areuse Gorges in Switzerland

Once you read Switzerland, you may think of the delicious taste of chocolate, the precision and lux of watches or Roger Federer’s backhands, in fact it depends on your interests. And since you are Dooroob readers, I would say that you will think certainly to the picturesque landscape as well as the high cost of tourism there. This time, I chose to share with you our experience in the Areuse Gorges with few words and more photos.

WAED Goumani 2019 Chemin des Clées ©

The location

Start WAED Goumani 2019 ©

Our destination is 115 km from Geneva Airport, about an hour by car: Le Val de TRAVER, more precisely the Areuse gorges around Boudry and Lake Neuchâtel.

When preparing our roadtrip from Lyon, France to Prague, Czech, a friend suggested passing through the area.

We spent our night in AirBnb near the Chemain des clées. In the morning, we set off early despite the cold weather and the rain. And, of course, we never regretted it.

On the trails of the Areuse Gorges

Our initial goal was to reach a bridge known as the “Saut de Brot” which was at 8km from the car parking. But in the end we could not reach our goal because of the repetitive stops to take photos.

Our passage through the gorges coincided with the holiday season, we were almost alone on the trail on a rainy day which made our experience more beautiful and more fun.

The path makes its way winding along the River Ariz. Passing by the bridges and seeing the colors of autumn you feel in total immersion in nature far from the bustle of the cities.

Here there is only the sound of the river and our laughter.

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