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Florence is one of the most beautiful and attractive cities in Italy. Indeed, visiting it one day is absolutely not enough given its historical and artistic richness. Therefore, you will want the option of convenient and comfortable accommodation so that you can tour the city and explore other parts of the Italian region of Tuscany effectively. For an immersion in the environment in which Leonardo da Vinci grew up, I present to you the option of very exceptional Airbnb accommodation in the Fiesole region.

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Find a comfortable and practical accommodation option

When we decided to visit Florence on our last trip (summer 2019), I started looking for an accommodation option away from the hustle and bustle of the city and crowds of tourists. The car transport option allowed me to search within a wider radius than the option of using public transport. Agriturismo was the most interesting keyword for a search in the region of Tuscany. After considering several options in terms of location / cost / services and availability, I found my need on Airbnb.

It’s Olivia’s house with all its rooms. We chose the antique room Antica camera matrimoniale.

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The photos on Airbnb and positive comments quickly contributed to the decision. I made reservations and easy payments using the international payment card issued by the Tunisian Post. From there, our unique experience was launched withOlivia.

Olivia’s House

The house is built in a Tuscan style, in the middle of a green area at the foot of the plateau leading to the Fiesole in Florence. The location of the house allows you to see an extension of green land with scattered houses. And the surrounding trees make the air cooler and fresher.

The house has three different entrances:

  • A main front entrance leading to the spacious dining hall on the ground floor.
  • Rear entrance: The most commonly used for its proximity to the kitchen and its proximity to the staircase that takes you to the upper floor staircase.
  • Entrance to the largest room: leads to an outdoor seating space overlooking a Tuscan scenewith distinction.

At the reception, after explaining the rules of the house and presenting it to us, Olivia described what we could do around and advised us to use bus number 7 connecting Florence to Fisole instead of the car. It was really convenient and easy to visit the city and spend the day there without the need for the car.

The house is accessible by car (which can be placed at the entrance) or on foot, from Fisole, by a natural path.

Corners of the house

The house consists of two floors.
Basement: It has the largest bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and small living room next to the fireplace.
Upstairs: it has other rooms of variable size, one with a balcony.
The wooden furniture and the simple and harmonious decoration correspond well to the Tuscan character of the house.

The kitchen has what it takes to cook delicious dishes. But of course, we are in Italy, there is no compromise with the pleasure of eating!

You might think that the idea of sharing the house with others is a bit disturbing. We never felt that way.

The rooms are spacious and well insulated from each other and each room has its own bathroom.
Olivia’s house rules are simple and make the idea of ​​co-living in a space with other travelers a pleasant and comfortable experience.

Golden Rules

You must adhere to the use of common utensils and facilities according to the numbering. In other words, each room has a number, and in each shared place, you find the same number which determines your space and your tools. Even the refrigerator is subject to a fair division system.

You must clean each tool you use and return it to its place. It’s simple.

Price for one night in September $ 40

Your comfort is guaranteed by the size of the house and the beauty of its surroundings. This is what we felt during our two-day stay in September 2019. Yes, the stay was short. But we were greatly impacted by the beauty of the place and the comfort we felt, so I wanted to pass the experience on to you.

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